Welcome to Listen-NFT

Listen – NFT is the first music platform on solana blockchain where you can earn money by listening to songs from your favourite artists. Listen to music at home, on the street, in the gym and earn $LTE Token. $LTE is a token created on solana blockchain and is primary currency in the listen – NFT ecosystem . The $LTE token can be earned by listening to songs, buying on exchanges or by winning $LTE for participating in contests to be held among the community


Phase 1


  • Listen to earn concept is born.
  • Discord and Twitter creation.
  • Website V1.
  • Creating the supply.

Phase 2


  • Community building.
  • Creating the $LTE token.
  • Building the staking platform.
  • Release the mint date and the supply amount.
  • Closed alpha test for the music app.

Phase 3


  • Mint is live.
  • Secondary right after sold out.
  • Staking platform ready to be used second day after sold out.
  • Open beta test for the music app.
  • Website V2 final.
  • Pushing rewards and activities to keep the FP on a rising direction.

Phase 4


  • Music app ready to be used.
  • Token ICO.
  • Liquidity pool is added to the token.
  • Building more community.
  • Rewarding holders and stakers via different giveaways other than music app itself.

Phase 5


  • Comming Soon!

$LTE Token ICO

50% Goes to Listen to Earn
40% Goes to Staking
10% Goes to the ListeN Team

Also 80% of the mint funds will be splitted between listen to earn and staking